“If adventure scares you, try routine, it’s lethal”

A beautifully set up house and a robust schedule is undoubtedly a sign of smooth life but often it happens that the status-quo becomes boring, to say the least.

Especially if you are a parent to small children, you exactly know how mechanical life begins to feel when the clock governs you.

Breaks are needed

Tourism seems to bring a respite and rejuvenates you to start afresh with a better mindset. But with tourism comes the need to make a lot of arrangements, Lodging being the most important of all

As you search through the web to plan your perfect mini break with kids, most of you are in favour of heading to resorts and nature retreats rather than going for a city break. Well, the reason could be that most of the traditional city hotel rooms just don’t provide the ample space and the freedom you need while holidaying with the family. But city breaks can also be a lot of fun for families if you choose to stay with serviced apartments over any common hotel room and here are the few reasons why.

Space for everyone to relax

Unlike being in a hotel room where you are likely to be crammed into the one space, you have the luxury of choosing a 1BHK,2BHK or 3BHK apartment which has a living room, separate kitchen, and as many bathrooms as rooms themselves. Kids can play around freely whilst you enjoy a cup of tea with your spouse in the balcony.

The best bits of home with all the awesomeness of an apartment!

Homely food-Kitchen

All serviced apartments are equipped with fully functional kitchen, which means one can cook the favourite food of the entire family whenever they feel like. There is no compulsion of eating your meals on set time and on a set rate. This is also a good option for all vegetarians who have a problem with outside food in a region where non-vegetarian eating options are dominant.

Home Comfort

There’s nothing worse than a sterile, clinical looking hotel room, especially when you’re far from home. Typically, serviced apartments have a much homelier feel. Many come with added home comforts, like wall hangings, cushions and small accessories just to give you that extra beautiful touch of home. It may not seem like a big deal but it’s amazing how much a little attention to detail can really stir the best emotions within you.

Costs per Apartment

This especially matters for bigger families. Some accommodation options can charge per head, and even hike up the prices once your kids hit their teens! Serviced apartments are tariffed per apartment per night. You have the flexibility to stay just for one night, a full week, or even months, irrespective of how many people you are.

Hotel Service Benefits

On the one hand, you have all the familiarity and comforts of home, but let’s not forget this is your holiday, so having some of the perks you’d expect with a hotel is a must as well. Many serviced apartments have a reception and an attendant to help you with any requirements. This makes you feel both homely and guest-like at the same time with respective bonuses of each.

Visiting Hyderabad any time soon?

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